About Us

​​​​An incredible app comes to life when all the features you desire combine into a single product, fully functional and beautifully designed

We are a team of young developers, collaborating world-wide. At Decoda, our goal is to provide customers with their perfect app to suit their needs and wantse us in person.

Why Decoda?

At Decoda, we aim to provide the best possible service for our customers on both a functional and aesthetic level. We work together to produce a quality app to perform and cater for all your needs and requirements.

As a customer at Decoda, your only task is to ask. Given your desired preferences we will assess the practicality of your product and provide suggestions, with the final choice given to you!

With our on-call services, we continuously ensure you are being provided with the service you are both asking and paying for to ensure you are never disappointed.

Our Process

Product Briefing

We hear your project, discuss possible approaches and the best way to make your app a reality.

Mock-Up Design

One of our lead designers will turn your idea and preferred appearance will become a high quality mock-up to simulate your applications appearance and functions.

App Development

Once you are happy with your app design, our development team will dive into the code that will truly make your app come to life.

Feedback Refinement

Our final stage is dedicated specifically to our customer. Your feedback will decide our next step. Your satisfaction will result in the immediate distribution of your app!