iOS apps offer an immersive experience to users. Whether in the pocket of on the desk, iOS lives in almost every household and so at Decoda Apps, we take iOS development seriously to ensure users are always satisfied with our products.



Why have an app if its going to stay in your pocket. Take it to your wrist! And thats exactly what we make possible at Decoda Apps. We believe if an app is going to be with you, you doing have easy access to it at all times. With watchOS, we develop our best iOS apps to be compatible with the Apple Watch.



When it's 'phones down' and family time, nothing unites more than the popular living room device, the TV. And so, with tvOS, our development team are here to develop youre best Apple TV applications. Whether it be movie streaming or immersive multiplayer games, we want to make sure our users have the best television experience when they need and want it most.